How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpter

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpter

Dumpster is an American brand name for a type of mobile garbage bin. It is designed mainly to be bought and
taken away by the truck. Its main purpose is to store rubbish which has been dumped inside until it is emptied by a garbage
truck and disposed off to the appropriate dumping site. Rent a Dumpster are used for all kind of wastes 0r (AND9 for recycling purposes.
They are used in various businesses, apartment buildings, schools, offices and industrial sites.

There are specific varieties of dumpsters for rent.
Construction (commercial and residential)
GENERAL DEBRIS (Household cleaning)
Roofing (Shingles and sheets)
Concrete and dirt
yard waste

Most common sizes of a dumpster include:
– 10 yard measures 16′ L x 8′ w x 2′ H
used for light projects such as house cleaning and de-cluttering
cost approx. $300.00

-20 yard measures 20′ L x 8′ w x 5′ H
This is suited for light projects to medium projects
cost $442.00

30 yards normally measures 22′ L x8′ w x 5′ H
This is normally suited for interior cluttering, re-modelling and other construction projects
cost $500.00

Other sizes are 12 yards, 15 yards, 25 yards, and 40 yards.

STATECITIES10 yard Dumpster Price Range20 yard Dumpster Price Range
TexasAustin, TX$300 – $385$375 – $425
TexasBeaumont, TX$310 – $400$365 – $500
TexasDallas, TX$220 – $370$250 – $330
TexasHouston$220 – $370$250 – $400


The cost for renting a roll off dumpster depends on a variety of factors:

Availability : the size of a dumpster required by a client might not be available in his or her area even within the same company.
This is normally affected by the number of resifdential units or industrial projects available
in an area. In such cases, the cost of having a dupster sent to your home from another location will be more
expensive than when it is found within your locality since, the cost of transporting it to your home is normally
included int the estimate.

Dump fee: the dump fee usually depends on the municipality.
It is also driven by the free market economy when there is little competition, the prices tends to be higher
as compared to provate competition since they all scramble  for the same business.

Permits : some requires permits some do not require permits depending on different factors. Permit can be
required when during transportation, there is blocking of public right of way for
example, the traffic lane or sidewalk. Permits may also be required in some places when it is going to be wihtin pubic view.
weight of trash: e.g. 30 yard can hold up to 8000 pound of material.
they are normally weighed at the disposal site or station with the trash inside and weighted again when its
empty. The difference is the amount od waste which was inside, if the weight is exceeded, they chrges are made.

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Location: when a particular dumpster is being trasported from another location to your home becasue it’s not available at your area, then
you will have to pay much more as compared to when it was available un your locality.

Other factors that are normally considered includes:
Dumpster size
Type of debris
Rental period

Using dumpster gets a client a peace of mind knowing every bit of waste disposed ins not being swept
away by wind and littered over the street. There is also total control of time and date that the waste will be taken away.
Its not time comsuming to hinder you from other tasks as well.

Dumpsters ensures that everything is done properly right down to the landfill usage.

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