Frequently Asked Questions


What can I put in a dumpster rental ?

Solid waste materials are allowed to put into the containers.

Take note that hazardous and prohibited materials may cause penalties and some materials  may cost extra.

  • Materials prohibited on landfills
    Bio-hazard waste
    Freon, chemicals and other liquid waste
    Paint cans with liquid (completely dried cans are acceptable)
    Scrap tires
    Equipment carrying gas, oil, or freon
    Medical waste
    Oil Drum
    Railroad ties
    Highly Flammable
    Fuel tanks
    Food in kitchen bags
  •  Potential extra fees may apply in some instances


 Is there a weight limit to what I can put in the Container? 

Each dumpster has a specified weight limit and can be expensive when you exceed the allowable limit.

Standard dumpster rentals have the following weight limit  (See Material Weight Guide)

10 yard dumpster rentals – 2 ton or 4,000 lb
15 yard dumpster rentals – 3 ton or 6,000 lb
20 yard dumpster rentals – 4 ton or 8,000 lb
30 yard dumpster rentals – 4 ton or 8,000 lb
40 yard dumpster rentals – 5 ton or 10,000 lb



Material Waste Weight Guide Per Cubic YardMaterial_weight-_dumpsterpod

A cubic Yard is 3’x3’x3′ and weighs approximately 1 ton for sand or dirt.

1 cubic yard  is approximately the  size of standard washing machine

Call Dumpsterpod (832)280-9191. We can help you pick the right dumpster size you need



 How much debris can I put in the roll off dumpster?

Can I fill the container to the top?


You can put as much material in the dumpster as long as it does not exceed the rim.

All materials must be level off at the top of the container and nothing over and sticking out of the top. By law we are required to cover the top of each load for transport.

All materials that exceed must be taken off and you are responsible for removing the excess. We will not pick up a container that is over full and you will be charged extra for return trip fee to pick- up container.

It is recommended to let us  know in advance what you are putting in the bin so we can advice you accordingly to avoid inconvenience and you ending up paying more than what is necessary.



Is your Disposal System environmentally friendly? 

 We make every effort to protect the environment with safe and Eco-friendly practices.
Recycling and re-purposing materials for further use is top on our list.  

We found that approximately 20 % of waste has no value  for re-use that is beneficial. Therefore, any remaining materials is transported and dispose in a licensed landfill.


 How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

Dumpster rental cost  vary depending on different factors

  • Size of container
  • Materials to be thrown away
  • Weight of the materials
  • How long you want the dumpster over and above the contracted period

We do not put the rental cost on our website as it is best to speak with us directly to provide you with more accurate rate and flexible terms base on your requirement.

For more information call us at: (832)280-9191

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