A Guide to the Basics of Renting a Dumpster

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A Guide to the Basics of Renting a Dumpster 

Renting a dumpster is an essential part of many projects, but few people know where to go in order to get a cheap dumpster rental. This article wil go through some of the necessary steps and questions to answer for you what you need to know if order to get the right dumpster for your needs.
First, it is important to evaluate the scope of your project and the size dumpster you will need. Demolition projects usually require one (or more) full sized dumpsters that will need to be on the property for several days. This will require a multi-day rental. Other projects, like cleaning a house before a move, usually don’t produce as much disposable material and consequently will require a smaller dumpster rented for less time.
There are two types of dumpsters that are used for most types of projects:

dumpster truck

Trash dumpsters (also called commercial dumpsters) and construction dumpsters. Trash dumpsters are the type usually located behind business and are used for everyday debris while construction dumpsters are the ‘roll off the top’ dumpsters often seen at demolition sites. They are used for larger cleaning projects and are excellent for household junk removal. If you aren’t sure what type of dumpster to get, call your local trash hauler and explain the project and the amount of debris. They will give you a good estimate on the size dumpster you will need.
The cost of dumpsters will vary widely depending on where you are from, how long you need it, and what size you are getting, and what kind of trash removal services you need. Different companies will have different rates so be sure to do a simple online search of the companies in your area to compare prices and values for their removal services. Make sure that you compare companies equally: compare a 15 foot dumpster with another 15 foot one. Also be sure to ask if there are any penalty fees for overweighting the dumpster. These can add up fast, especially if the dumpster will be weighted with a heavy material like bricks.
Once you have decided on a company and dumpster size to use, you will need to schedule a pick up and drop off time. It’s a good idea to have the dumpster delivered to your project site the day before you will need it. Once the dumpster is loaded, call the company to schedule a time for them to pick it up and deliver the material to a landfill or recycling center.
Getting a dumpster for a business can be a slightly different process because the dumpster will usually need to be bigger or there may need to be more of them.

In this case it is especially important to do some price comparison between different companies to see which ones will charge fewer fees for things like overweighting or needing it for multiple days.
Renting a dumpster is a simple task when you know what your disposal needs are and you ask the right questions.

Happy dumping!

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